My DAughTer is 14 years old, can she attend your workshops?

That's fantastic that your daughter would like to attend! We strongly encourage giving it a try. If your daughter would like to visit us she is more than welcome to chat about the process some more and see if she is ready for it. What we would recommend is that you attend alongside your daughter to work together. 


Do you offer group discounts?

Sure thing! If there are 8 or more of you wanting to learn the basics of screen printing please contact us at and let us know. 


Will you teach one-to-one sessions?

We can teach one-to-one sessions. They are normally a little more pricey but a great way to get to grips with the process without distractions! Contact us for more info.


WHEN will you be starting your t-shirt workshops?

We look to start the 'PRINT YOUR OWN...T-SHIRT' workshops after the first lot of poster sessions are finished, this could be early July. If you are interested in participating in one before this date, please do let us know we are happy to reschedule if we gain lots of interest.


What kind of inks do you use?

We use water based inks to reduce the use of solvents. Safer for the environment and the user.